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Right Body for You is a unique program and has unique facilitators. Starting with why we call ourselves facilitators and not teachers. The definition of facilitator is to assist or to create ease.

We are not here to “teach” you things. We are here to assist you back to YOUR awareness and YOUR communion with your body. To assist you to know what your body is saying to you and to become aware of how you speak to your body. To assist you to change your body by acknowledging what it’s telling you.  

You may not have the cognitive words right now but somewhere you do KNOW.  

Each Right Body for You Facilitator is unique in how they communicate with bodies.  Often they have found different topics within Right Body for You that they have discovered that have a great talent in facilitating people and bodies with. There are Right Body for You Facilitators who work with those who have injuries or eating disorders, body image, losing weight, gaining weight, getting rid of pain, getting better at sports, healing, general communication with your body… and the list goes on! 

Right Body for You Facilitators are as unique as you and your body. Ready to talk to one? Take a class? Book a session? Check out our list of Right Body for You Facilitators and what they offer!