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Gary M. Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer

Gary M. Douglas

Gary M. Douglas

Suzy Godsey

Gary M. Douglas


Did you know that every animal, plant and structure on this planet has consciousness and desires to gift to you? Have you ever noticed that regardless what mood you’re in, or even if you’ve forgotten to take your pet for a walk that afternoon, that it will still have your back unconditionally? One of the greatest gifts that animals give to us is the way they receive from us without question, without judgment and without limitation. They give us the chance to do the one thing that most of us never get the chance to do – to totally gift everything we've got without limitation or consideration.

Animals are one of the greatest gifts on planet earth, they have so much to offer us and the world about what is possible if we just listen. What would it be like to have a sense of communion with the animals, where separation is not real and where communication goes beyond words?

Discover the questions, energy and techniques that you can begin to use with animals to create a greater future than you imagined possible right away.