Access Facelift Facilitator Certification - Renewal

Access Facelift Facilitator Certification - Renewal

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  • Previous purchase of Access Facelift Facilitator Certification
  • Have completed a qualifying renewal class within 12 months of your last renewal or original certification - see list below.
  • Must be 16 years of age or older

Note:  The Access Facelift Facilitator renewal is non-refundable so be sure you have met the prerequisites before you purchase it.

If you can't add this product into your cart and you believe you have met the pre-requisites, please contact the Facelift Team.

Annual Renewal Requirements

In the next 12 months (from the date of your BF Certification), and each year thereafter, you are required to take one of the following classes.  Note:  All renewal classes start date must be within the past year of when you renew to qualify.

Each subsequent year you are required to take one of those classes again - at some time between your renewal dates.

Pay an annual renewal fee - You will be sent an email when your renewal draws near and have the ability to make payment at that time. You can also pay your renewal fee at any time (as long as you have your qualifying renewal class) by going to your client dashboard and under Facilitator Tools, click on Certications.  You will be able to renew from there.